Spokane Sounders 2017-18 Technical Staff and Premier Coaching Assignments Announced


Spokane Sounders and SSC Shadow are pleased to announce our Technical Staff and RCL 2017-18 Coaching Assignments (Select coaching assignments will be announced next week).
Technical Director Abbas Faridnia is excited to introduce your staff for the upcoming year: 
Michael Pellicio - Director of Coaching
“Mike has been a fantastic addition to our staff from two years ago. His impact in our program continues to be shown day in and day out. Our players and families love having Mike around and his presence in our club is a vital cog to our continued success. We are excited as Mike continues to lead us in the latest methods of the game.”  
Kevin Moon - Director of Coaching Education
“Kevin has been a staple of our club. His organization, knowledge, and ability to teach the game are obvious qualities that Kevin brings to our club. These qualities are unique to our own staff but also truly unique across the state. We are excited that Kevin is taking a more active role in our club and will be directly leading our Coaching Education for our coaches.” 
Jason Bellefeuille - Director of Coaching Select
“Jason provides a vital component to our club and extraordinary work ethic for our Select coaches and players. Jason tirelessly works to provide curriculum, evaluation, education, and academy training to our Select players. His value to the club remains essential and his impact is felt throughout the year by our families.” 
Cameron Bushey - Director of Coaching U11/12 RCL
“We are pleased to announce Cameron as our U11/12 RCL DoC. Cameron grew up playing in Spokane and is a former player of ours. He has also held a similar role at one of the top youth soccer clubs in the nation (Colorado Rush). Cameron’s energy, knowledge, and belief in what we are trying to accomplish as a club is massive for our players.” 
Berrick Rastok - Director of Coaching Sounders Homegrown Program
“Berrick is new to us from San Diego Surf, working for a youth soccer club that is again one of the top in the nation. For our community to draw somebody with the ability of Berrick is absolutely immense for the youngest players in Spokane. We as a club cannot wait to see the impact Berrick will have in our Sounders Homegrown Program.”  
Kevin Houston - Director of Affiliates
“Kevin deserves the fantastic reputation he has in our community for the passion, organization, and commitment he has to the youth players in Spokane. Kevin will lead and foster our relationships that we continue to establish, not only in Spokane but all surrounding areas. We are excited that Kevin is willing to take the lead in this role.”  
Peggy Clark - Office Manager
“Peggy is our administration lead. Her work goes unnoticed but she is the heart of the club and continues to make our club flow, day in and day out. From working with our managers to working with our coaches, to everyday items such as insurance and uniforms, Peggy continues to make our club better all-around every single day."
Danielle Thompson - Scheduler
“Since adding Danielle to our staff, our scheduling has been a tremendous success. She is on the ball in coordinating with referees and all the different facilities across Spokane county. This is no easy task, and a thankless task, that only gets noticed when items go wrong, which is an extreme rarity. Thankfully, Danielle’s organization and diligent work has made scheduling so much easier on our teams.”   
Gerald Barnhart - Communication Director
“Many of you see Gerald out on the fields snapping pictures. Pictures can be priceless, truly worth a thousand words. Though, this is not the only duty that Gerald provides to our club. Our newsletter, Facebook, Instagram…our overall communication out to the public is always Gerald putting in the time and effort for our club’s membership.”