Spokane Sounders Announce 2018-19 Tryouts, Tournament Calendar for 2000-2003 Boys


The Spokane Sounders are excited to share its tournament calendar and event schedule for the 2003, 2002 and 2000/2001 Boys groups for the 2018-19 season. Tryouts for the age groups will be held February 13 and 15 at Dwight Merkel Complex. 

An exclusive highlight for the Spokane Sounders players is a trip to visit the Seattle Sounders Academy teams, which will be paired with a trip from another California-based Sounders affiliate club to ensure a diverse and competitive environment. The 2003, 2002, and 2000/2001-A teams will play three matches on this trip and cap it off by attending an MLS match between the Sounders and the Portland Timbers at CenturyLink Field on July 1st.

“Events like Surf Cup, Crossfire, and Davis Legacy Showcase jump off the page, right from the start, as well as our yearly visit to the Sounders Academy with our boys getting three uniquely competitive games and a Sounders/Timbers MLS match,” said Director of Coaching Mike Pellicio. “We put a lot of time into this tournament calendar and I believe that every player, on every team, will experience their own challenges and be offered plenty of chances to learn and grow as players and people with this schedule."

These Spokane Sounders teams will continue to compete in the Regional Club League (RCL) and are registered with US Youth Soccer.

Below is the full tournament schedule for 2018-19.

Spokane Sounders - Older Boys Event Schedule

2003-A, 2002-A, 2000/2001-A

- Seattle Sounders Academy Visit/Sounders-Timbers Match (June 29-July 1)
- Crossfire Challenge (July 13-16)
- Surf Cup* (July 27-29) / Davis Legacy Cup* (July 20-23) / Surf College Cup* (Nov 24-26)
- Northwest Cup (August 10-12)
- FC Portland College Showcase (January 11-14)
- USYS State Cup (January - dates TBD)               
*Club will determine one of these three tournaments based on the strength of the group  

2003-B, 2002-B, 2000/2001-B

- Crossfire Challenge (July 13-16)
- Rush Cup (August 3-5)
- Northwest Cup (August 11-13)
- FC Portland College Showcase (January 11-14)
- Presidents State Cup (January—)

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Tuesday and Thursday, February 13 and 15 — Dwight Merkel Complex, Field 6
Boys 2000/2001 — 4:30-6:00 pm
Boys 2003 — 6:00-7:30 pm
Boys 2002 — 7:30-9:00 pm

Please REGISTER ONLINE before attending the tryouts HERE [+]

For any questions regarding tryouts, please contact Peggy Clark (peggy@spokanesc.org).