Tim Seely Joins Spokane Sounders

News Release - Friday, February 2, 2018


SSC Shadow and the Spokane Sounders are excited and pleased to announce the addition of former Spokane Shadow Men’s First Team player Tim Seely to the coaching staff.

"The addition of Tim to our coaching staff is a great moment for the club and Spokane soccer," said Spokane SC Shadow Technical Director Abbas Faridnia. “Tim and I have been looking forward to this moment for years and we’re all delighted to see this come together."

Seely joins the club with a proven history of elite player development and consistent promotion into the ranks of intercollegiate soccer. Arguably the most successful coach outside of the Spokane SC Shadow youth staff, he is the founder of Washington East and has guided teams to US Club Soccer’s Regional and National Finals, including one visit to the national championship game and two visits to the semifinals. 

"We are glad to welcome an old friend back into the Shadow and Spokane Sounders family,” says Faridnia. “Having all the top coaches in the community working for the same badge will have a tremendous and long-lasting impact on the youth players in this community for years to come.”

Seely’s return to the club he represented as a player is a major gain for the Spokane Sounders coaching staff.

"I played with the foundation of the Spokane Shadow for many wonderful years," said Seely. "I am excited to be with the Spokane Sounders and I’m looking forward to working with the membership and staff of the club.”