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Why SSC Shadow?
Four Pillars: Development Competition Community Enjoyment

Spokane Soccer Club Shadow Youth     Spokane Soccer Club Shadow     Spokane Shadow Youth Soccer Club

Development comes first for every player in our training curriculum:  The SSC Shadow Way
This is the high standard of play and development we teach, coach and develop in ALL of our players.  When WE have the ball, we work to keep it as long as possible to increase our odds of scoring goals: a possession-based game.  We CONTROL the ball in a variety of ways; keeping possession WITH our teammates, rather than kicking it without purpose.  WE keep the ball under OUR control. 
Possession = Development = The SSC Shadow Way!
Credibility.  Our Technical Director oversees all areas of the club from its coaches to its operations.  Learn more about our Technical Director.
Talent.  A coaching staff, hand-picked with a wide variety and combination of coach licensing, collegiate players, collegiate coaching and tenured skills, all to be passed on to young soccer players.  Our coaching staff is unrivaled in terms of soccer experience and coaching licensing. 
A place for every player.  Our "premier" teams are defined as RCL teams.  These teams play at the highest level of competition in Washington state--the Regional Club League. Each of these teams are provided advanced level coaching and competition along with appropriate developmental challenges.  Our Select Program is for the player seeking advancement from recreational play and development influences from the premier level.  Learn more about our different programs:

Variety.  SSC Shadow players “graduate” from one coach to another.  Emphasis lies at the feet of the player and not in coaches building teams for the coach’s sake.  Just as in the classroom, it is important to expose players to a variety of coaches and teaching styles.
Success.  SSC Shadow players consistently find success at the state and regional Olympic Development level, contribute significantly to their high school teams, and several move on to play at the collegiate level.
Spokane Soccer Club Shadow Youth          Spokane Soccer Club Shadow Youth
• Simply put, SSC Shadow provides a level of competition no other club in our region can offer.  Competitive play for the competitive player!
Appropriate Placement.  SSC Shadow players are placed at the most challenging, yet, appropriate level for their age group.  We won’t sacrifice your child’s safety or developmental success to win games.
• All levels of play.  U9 - U10 developmentally appropriate training with players of similar abilities, U11 and U12 local league play to minimize travel, U13 and above play at the highest level Regional Club League (RCL).

•  SSC Shadow is a club both on and off the field.  About 25 million Americans are playing soccer, 80% are kids.  Youth sports have big benefits both to participants and the community as a whole.  Research links participation to better grades and self esteem, long-term improvements in education, employment and physical/mental health.  SSC Shadow emphasizes the opportunity to promote and encourage well-being through soccer.
SSC Shadow provides a club of soccer not just teams.  Early U9 and U10 programs to engage players in a higher level of instruction, opportunities for players to train with other players at other levels, opportunities for players to serve as mentors to younger players, coaches who collaborate and work with a variety of teams throughout the season.
Volunteers.  We are a club who attracts hundreds of generous volunteers.  From college coaches to teachers to business professionals to stay-at-home Moms, SSC Shadow brings and entire community of support together for your child.  We look forward to you joining us!
Spokane Soccer Club Shadow Youth     Spokane Soccer Club Shadow Youth     Spokane Soccer Club Shadow Youth
Having fun is part of the game!  We emphasize enjoyment of the game at all levels for our hard working players.  We also stress the importance of parents relaxing with this time in their child’s life to enjoy watching them play.  It is play, after all! 
"Soccer is a beautiful game because it belongs to us all," Coach Arsene Wenger famously states.  "Across every continent, now more than ever, soccer is a common language and a culture shared … the game is at the heart of growing up, at the heart of life itself, for millions of children all over the world."  
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